logo megobruli matchebi KutaisiOn January 27th. within the exchange program, the sports school of Kutaisi had the Batumi chess club "Nona" on a visit.





In the cozy rooms allocated for chess all conditions for successful work of chess players are created.

This time Nana Chepkhodze, Nukri Charkviani and Soso Sirbiladze's young pupils were our host.



Kutaisi 2019 1 Kutaisi 2019 2 Kutaisi 2019 3

The friendly match consisted of  two games.

On a game in the first match each player  was given  1 hour (both chess players wrote down their games).

On the second match they were given 15 minutes each (Rapid Game). 

Kutaisi 2019 4 Kutaisi 2019 5 Kutaisi 2019 6

After the match there was an opportunity to try forces with other rivals.

After the game they emotionally exchanged impressions. 

Trainers watched closely  and after the games, gave advice to players.

Kutaisi 2019 7 Saerto didi 

Kutaisi accepted us warmly and with habitual hospitality.

Young chess players got new friends. 


On behalf of the Batumi chess club "Nona" we want to express gratitude

to the management of the Kutaisi sport school.

To trainers and especially constantly vigorous Nana Chephodze,

for the organization of a meeting at the high level and warm welcome.   


Such programs will be continued.

Exit meetings and with other regional clubs and chess schools are planned.

We wait for guests from abroad.


Ahead of us are new meetings, projects and adventures.


Photo gallery:  https://www.facebook.com/pg/ccNONA/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1054604264748488