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On February 3rd, the Batumi chess club "Nona", welcomed guests from Chokhataur’s chess school which exists on the basis of complex sports school.



The first part of the program was a thematic master class.

The lecturer is Marika Japaridze (the certified trainer, the instructor of FIDE).

Subject: Features of pawn structure, strong and weak fields and methods of their use.

Games played by grandmasters and thematic positions were studied in details.


Chokhatauri 03.02.2019 Tematuri Masterklasi 1Chokhatauri 03.02.2019 Tematuri Masterklasi 2 Chokhatauri 03.02.2019 Tematuri Masterklasi 3

In the second half of the program, friendly meetings were held.

After the main match, chess players tried hands with other rivals.

For the game, rivals were given15 minutes (rapid), with addition of 10 seconds for the move.  

Chokhatauri 03.02.2019 Megobruli Matchebi 1 Chokhatauri 03.02.2019 Megobruli Matchebi 2 Chokhatauri 03.02.2019 Megobruli Matchebi 3

 After the match, they exchanged impressions, studied games, changed rivals and again began to play.

Trainers watched the game attentively and at the end of it, gave advice to children.

Rapid was replaced with blitz.

The program turned out effective and interesting.

Chokhatauri 03.02.2019 SAERTO 


On behalf of the Batumi chess club "Nona" we want to express gratitude

to the management of Chokhotaur’s sports school,

trainers Zurab Mgeladze, Givi Koridze and Zurab Kobidze

who planned this project and brought a big role in its execution.


Such programs will be continued. We are waiting for guests from other places. 

Ahead of us await new meetings, projects and adventures.  


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