Children's Day is one of the oldest international holidays.










If today the nature presented us a warm and sunny day, then it is twice as joyful that in the first day of summer around the world people celebrate the international Children's Day.

The history knows that in 1925 on the very first day of summer the Consul general of China in San Francisco found the children which lost parents and organized for them the national holiday — Duane Jie, widely famous as the Festival of draconian boats. In parallel with this event in Geneva on the first day of june the first international conference considering pressing problems of wellbeing of younger generation took place. These events also promoted origin of the idea of the holiday devoted to children.

Officially the holiday was established in post-war 1949 on the November Congress of Women's International Democratic Federation. The first in world history Children's Day was celebrated on June 1, 1950, the actions dated for it took place in 51 countries of the world. Drawing attention to serious problems of those who can't stand for themselves independently was the purpose of these actions. First of all, organizers wanted to defend children in hunger and war. At this conference they swore to do everything possible to preserve the peace on all planet.

The UN approved the initiative and contributed to protect the young generation. In 1959 it made a Declaration of the rights of the child including the number of articles providing lawful protection of minor citizens. The declaration had no validity, but its recommendations willingly received in many states.

In 30 years, in November, 1989 the UN prepared the Convention on the Rights of the Child — the main document defining obligations of the states before children. In total the document contains 54 articles regulating the rights of children and duties of adults in relation to them.

The international day of children is unique also the fact that it has own flag. On the eye-catching green background theres mother Earth which the multi-colored figures symbolizing the children holding hands around it are located.



This day in many countries for children various mass entertaining and cultural events are held. Among them drawing with crayons at playgrounds became a tradition.

The international Children's Day has not only entertaining character. This day reminds society that it is necessary to protect the rights of children that each child has to grow in a healthy, safe environment, to be happy, get full education, receive the desirable profession and work, and could become further pride of the Homeland.

The Batumi chess club "Nona" celebrated the international Children's Day chess tournaments.

Bavshvta dghe 2019 1 Bavshvta dghe 2019 2 Bavshvta dghe 2019 3

People who participated in the tournament both clubmen Nona and pupils of the Batumi sports school.

2 tournaments with only 70 participants of different ages were held.

1-Chess players of preparatory group and group of improvement. (20 participants).

2-Chess players of the initial group (50 participants).

Tournaments were held in 7 rounds on the Swiss system. Control of time -  15 minutes until the end of game, with addition 10 seconds on the move.

In each tournament the boys and girls ages up to 8, 10, 12 and 14 years who took the first three prizes were revealed.

Cups were passed between absolute winners, taken the first three places diplomas were handed.

Tournaments took place in an interestin way, there were many spectators and fans.

  Bavshvta dghe 2019 4 Bavshvta dghe 2019 5

Results of the tournament of preparatory group and group of improvement:

Parings and Results:  http://chess-results.com/tnr445676.aspx?lan=1&art=2&rd=7

Final standings: http://chess-results.com/tnr445676.aspx?lan=1&art=1

The absolute winner of the tournament Giorgy Chanturia (6 points from 7 possible).


Tournament of initial group:

Parings and Results: http://chess-results.com/tnr445647.aspx?lan=1&art=2&rd=7

Final standings: http://chess-results.com/tnr445647.aspx?lan=1&art=1

The absolute winner of the tournament Saba Otoladze (6 from 7 possible points).







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