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LOGO SATOn December 28 in the conference hall of hotel “Chao” the conclusive event was held.

At action there were representatives of the mayor's office: Merab Kidzinidze, Gela Bolkvadze, Archil Vanadze, Natalia Zoidze, Hatia Takidze,

the Deputy Minister of Culture and Education Badri Nakashidze, heads of the different organizations, directors of schools and kindergartens –

partners of club, chess players and their parents.

The manager of club Marika Japaridze has told about the carried-out projects, actions, programs.

Has noted the numerous success achieved by clubmen - grand masters and young chess players.

Nino Batsiashvili won several international tournaments. She was the champion of Georgia of 2015 and the vice-champion of Europe of 2016.

She won bronze on Grand Prix FIDE in Batumi, and on World Chess Olympiad small silver medal. On Grand Prix of FIDE in Khanty-Mansiysk she has taken

the second place, and in 2017 in the Club European Championship on the board has deserved gold medal.

In England on the International tournament Nino has executed grand master norm (from men).

Salome Melia in 2013 in the European championship has won silver, and in 2014 – bronze medals, has won the International tournament – Dubai-Open and "

Cup of Nona Gaprindashvili-2016" among women. In 2016 in the Club Championship of Europe has deserved on the board silver medal, and in 2017

in team championship of Europe has won gold with team, has won the international grand master circular tournament in Serbia.

These chess players are invariable members of the national team of Georgia.

Miranda Mikadze in 2015 in the Cup of Georgia Championship has taken the prize-winning third place and has executed rank of the international female grand master.

In 2016 she has won the first league, has successfully made a speech at tournament of cup of the Batumi mayor's office where she in "A" tournament has won

silver medal among women.

In the Championships of Adjara young clubmen have successfully played.

In the regional tournament "Sport without Borders" has shown absolute success Tamar Jortmenadze and has won the permit in Anaklia.

Kesarea Mgeladze has won cup of chess federation of Georgia among chess players up to 8 years, and in the first league up to 8 years the bronze medal

was won by Georgy Chanturia

Prezentacia GEO CLUB CUP-2017 WINNERS3 Prezentacia Antalia-2017

Club “Nona” the three-fold champion of Georgia (2014 Ureki, 2016 – Lagodekhi, and in 2017 - Tbilisi) and the three-fold champion of Europe

(2014 Bilbao, Spain; 2015 Skopje, Macedonia and 2017 – Antalya, Turkey).

The European Club Championship is considered one of the most prestigious tournaments in which the leading clubs of the different countries constantly participate.  

On 11 December at meeting with the mayor the president of the European Chess Union Zurab Azmaiparashvili and the President of the Georgian Chess Federation

Georgy Giorgadze has transferred in the Batumi mayor's office to Nona club the Challenge cup of the Club Championship of Europe.

The Head coach of club “Nona” Guram Chanturia has been awarded the Order Honour by the decree of President of Georgia!

The manager and coach of club Marika Japaridze on the Congress FIDE (Antalya) has been awarded the highest arbiters category "A".

She is the youngest International arbiter of such category among women .

In Paris (on October 21-23) on the convention of the international quality of the carried-out BID-(Business Initiative Committee and BID Group One-

(World Quality Commitment) in gold category the nominated Nona club has been awarded with "the Gold Star" for the impressive success achieved for a short time.

Both effective management and high quality of the website of club have been noted the correct strategy of club.

The partner of the convention "Imar Press" within 2 years place in various the leading magazines information on club.

19 Chess Gardamavali Tasi  Parizi4

On December 21 in hotel “Hilton” the awarding ceremony of the best athletes and trainers was held.

The Batumi mayor's office has awardeds chess players of club “Nona”: Nino Batsiashvili, Salome Melia, Marika Japaridze and Irakli Akhvlediani.

The club “Nona” has been recognized by the best club of 2017.

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