During the same period after a victory in the championship of Georgia Ziya Tsulukidze from Hulo (13.5 of 15) was the first of mountain Adjara which played in 1939 in Moscow in the USSR Championship.

Chess tournaments in Batumi were held and during World War II. In August, 1942 in Batumi the Czech Grandmaster Salo Flor stayed . He in a session of simultaneous game on 32 boards won all games.

In February, 1943 the championship of Adjara on chess and checkers among farmers which was won Nuri Gobadze from Didachara and Konstantin Kipselidi from Kobuleti was held to Batumi.

After war in Adjara many talented chess players from whom P. Morchiladze and B. Abramidze are distinguished grew up. From now on to Batumi systematically there come for holding matches famous chess players.

In June, 1946 the Committee of sport and affairs of youth of Adjara for further promoting of chess invited the champion of Georgia N. Sorokin, who carried out a session of simultaneous game on 22 boards in Batumi (20 won, finished one in a draw, and in one, against the pupil of the Batumi school No. 5 Voskoboynikov he lost).

In the same year to the seaside city there arrived the team of chess players of Tbilisi state university, 2 matches were played. The first ended in a draw (3:3), and the second was won team from Tbilisi (5:4).

In December, 1947 to Batumi there arrived the famous Lithuanian chess player V. Mikenas who carried out some sessions of simultaneous game. In the first day he on 21 boards won 13 games, 7 ended in a draw, and in one – against the champion of Batumi Pavle Morchiladze, lost. In the second day Mikenas in 20 games won 14, 5 finished in a draw, and the last games against the pupil of the third gymnasium R. Lortkipanidze lost. Lortkipanidze won against Mikenas and next day when that played on 32 boards. In this match Eva Shioshvili also won against Mikenas.

Among the Batumi checkers players the first Alexander Nikonov was entitled the Master of Sports (1953).

In the summer of 1958 the semi-final of the women’s XVII championship of the Soviet Union which was won by Nona Gaprindashvili was for the first time held in Adjara.

Among the Batumi chess players the first who achieved great success was Alla Chaykovskaya. In 1959 she as a part of the national team of Georgia (N. Gaprindashvili, M. Kakabadze, M. Togonidze) participated on the II All-Union sports festival. In 1960 on the All-Union superiority which is carried out in Kharkov she won against the world champion Bykova, international masters Gurfinkel and Rootare. For are reached in the last 6 rounds result – 5 won she received the special prize. In 1968 on the USSR Championship together with Nana Aleksandria divided the first or second place (13.5 points).

In March, 1960 in Batumi was carried out the XXI men's Championship of Georgia. And spring of the next year the women international tournament was for the first time held.

On this tournament Alla Chaykovskaya scored 10 points and took the third place. This year she, the first among the Batumi chess players, executed norm of the Master.

In 1962 in Batumi "Pioneer Park" (now "May 6") the first Batumi chess club "Tsitsinatela" was created

In 1966 in Batumi the International Chess Tournament in which chess players of the USSR, GDR, Yugoslavia, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria and Czech-Slovakia participated was for the first time held. And in two years the international tournament on salta which was won by Dutch Tony Seybrands was for the first time held.

Chess in Adjara started developing in the twenties the XX-th century. For promoting of this sport in the twenties the teacher of the village Didachara Mikhail Botsvadze asked the local carpenter to create a chessboard and figures from a tree and trained fellows villager in game in chess.

In highlands Didachara is one of those villages where women and men of almost any age are fond of chess.

The richest traditions in this regard at Batumi. In the history of chess of Adjara 1923 when to Moscow there arrived the Batumi chess players of the first generation Valery Kuzyatin and Vladimir Vaimbiim who assumed establishment of contacts with the capital chess center and the organization of a tournament in the seaside city is special. For establishment of strong contacts with chess circles of Petrograd and Moscow and acquisition of chess literature five local chess players were chosen. Also studying of organizational issues on holding a tournament was entrusted to them. This process included also the oldest Batumi chess player H.Daniyelyan. Among chess players of this period it is necessary to mark out the founder of the first chess school - Vladimir Hasensky who four times (1917, 1918, 1919, 1920) was the champion of the city.

In March, 1923 the newspaper “Trudovoi Batumi” allocated a daily heading for chess, which was directed by Vladimir Zdanevich. The next year the chess match (to 6 victories) between Zdanevich and Chernyavsky, in whom Zdanevich (6 victories won took place. 1 loss, 1 draw), took place.

In 1928 in Tbilisi the first man's championship of Georgia in which the Batumi chess player Vladimir Medvedev (2.5 points) played took place. In 1939 Medvedev participated in the XIII championship of Georgia and having scored 8,5 points took the VII place.

At this time began to Batumi and development of checkers. It was caused by frequent holding in Adjara tournaments of the USSR.

In August, 1935 organizers of chess school invited the Leningrad chess players and checkers players for experience enrichment. In both types players from Batumi lost (Hendrokovski lost Romanovski, Rudnik to Chekhover, Borisenko – to Lisitsin, Varshanidze – to Goldberg, Prikhodko – to Gotgifild, Sokov – to Nikon). In September of the same year in Tbilisi the first championship of Georgia among women was won by Faina Katz from Batumi (4 points from 4), the next year she divided the first-second place with Krezberg (5.5 of 7). And Eva Shioshvili took the 6th place. Shioshvili till 1957 systematically participated in women’s chess tournaments and in the next years made a big contribution to development of chess in Adjara.

In the thirties the XX century chess widely extended in the highlands of Adjara. The first chess tournament in Khulo took place in May, 1936. Similar tournaments in mountain regions of Adjara were systematically held and further.

In 1938 the man's championship of Adjara was won by young Tanimanidi who in some years was lost during World War II.

In January, 1939 in Tbilisi the first republican tournament on checkers, in which Nikonov from Batumi won, was held (7.5 of 10). In February of the same year the second championship of Adjara in which of highlands the first success Nuri Gobadze achieved was held to Batumi.