For a long time Batumi is an axis and a driving force of chess life of Adjara. The Batumi chess school grew up Georgia a number of world-class chess players. It is a merit of those who created chess history of Adjara.

For years in development of this beautiful sport made the contribution Georgi Giorgadze, Isidore Gogeshvili, Alla Chaykovskaya WGM, Diana Darchiya WGM, Natasha Fuhrman, Anzor (Givi) Megrelidze, Givi Chachava, Anzor Tsetskhladze, Ivane Abramidze (chess teacher), Eka Shioshvili (chess teacher), Faina Kats (the first champion of Georgia and Transcaucasia among women), Mamiya Harazi (the first president of Chess Federation of Adjara), Anzor Kakabadze, Pavle Morchiladze, Jacob Ender, Volter Chanturia (sea captain), Tamaz Dgebuadze, Nanuli Janashia, Otar Kajaia, Fedor Sludenko, Garigin Tsagoyan, Valeri Abajidi, Henry Khlagidze, Svetlana Ivanova-Kalandarishvili, Anzor Berdzenishvili, Marina Javakhia, Nodar Sardzhveladze, Nugzar Nizharadze, Zurab Gotua, Eka Chkhartishvili, Temur Jojua, Temur Jakhutashvili, Olya Shatirishvili, Georgi Khavtasi, Temur Vashalomidze, Gayoz Dzimistarishvili, Nona Giorgadze, Felix Melkonyan. Andrula and Victor Saplakhidi, Vladimir and Tengiz Beridze, Kakha Kvizhinadze, Mikhail Goguadze, Leonid Neuronov, Jambyl Kantaria, Grigory Voskanyan, Paata Sarjveladze, Vernard Tonoyan, etc.

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The majority above-named are professors and doctors of science now, direct various organizations, and some continue trainer's activity.

The chess talent is inherent in this blessed earth for a long time. And the next generations again and again confirm it. Among young chess players it is necessary to mark out the international grand masters Salome Melija (the vice-champion of Europe of 2013, and the bronze prize-winner of the individual European championship of 2014), Nino Batsiashvili (the repeated winner of prestigious international tournaments), Gayoz Nigalidze (the first international Grandmaster of Adjara), all three members of Olympic teams of Georgia; international master Miranda Mikadze, Nodar Lordkipanidze.

And among young chess players: Nata and Dmitry Dzhibuti, Irakli Akhvlediani (according to the recommendation of Nona club these three since January will attend lectures in Tbilisi chess Academy which is directed by the International grand master Zurab Azmayparashvili. So far collecting to Academies there went only clubmen, Grandmasters: Salome Melija, Nino Batsiashvili, Gayoz Nigalidze), Alexander Panasenko, Tengiz Didmanidze, Guram Svanidze, Dea Bedoshvili, Nino Zhgenti, Irakli Kurshubadze, Temur Devadze, Temur Jakeli, Tamar Jortmenadze, Maria Chorgolashvili, Nata and Keti Chkhartishvili, Anri Sourmanidze, David Gobadze, brothers Coba and Luka Zhgenti and many other talented and promising chess players.

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This list isn't full and every day is replenished with new names. In this process the lion's share belongs to trainers "Chess club Nona" which without breaks, daily work with children in No. 1 to sports school. Coaches of club are the Honored trainer of Georgia Guram Chanturia (the certified teacher of Academy of Garry Kasparov, the trainer of the highest category, the international arbitrator, the best trainer of Adjara of the 20th eyelid, the Order bearer of the Olympic committee) Georgy Chanturia (the Master of Sports, the certified teacher "In" category and Academy Harry Kasparova, the International arbitrator) and Marika Dzhaparidze (the master of FIDE, the International arbitrator, the Instructor of FIDE, the diplomaed trainer, the certified teacher "In" category and Academy Harry Kasparova), Gayoz Nigalidze (International grand master, two-time champion of Georgia, repeated winner and prize-winner of the international competitions). The main trainers with educational process are helped also by other clubmen who give lectures and seminars on hot topics and sessions of simultaneous game.

2014 was very successful. The “Chess club Nona” gold letters entered the name in chess history. Unprecedented success was achieved: in September (13-21.09), in the Spanish city Bilbao in the Club European championship held there from 7 match the team of club won everything 7. Among the victims defeat: the Monaco team which isn't losing 5 years - Monte-Carlo (actually the national team of the world), 3 main Russian teams, among which and an Olympic team, team from Germany and 2 Israeli teams. Joined the team: Nana Dzagnidze, Bela Khotenashvili, Salome Melia, Nino Batsiashvili, Miranda Mikadze. Captain Marika Japaridze. The head coach Khvicha Supatashvili, the trainer David Jojua, the head of delegation – Georgi Chanturia.

From September 27 to October 3 in Ureki the Club Championship of Georgia on which took place the team of club “Nona” safely passed all distance and surely won. Line-up: Gayoz Nigalidze, David Jojua, Nino Batsiashvili (man's board!), Salome Melia (a women’s board), Nikoloz Kumsiashvili (a board of young men under 18 years). The captain Marika Japaridze, the trainer - David Jojua. The team won strong teams of Tbilisi, Gori, Kutaisi, Kakheti, Guria, Samegrelo and Rustavi.

17-25.10.2015 in the Macedonian city of Skopje Club European championship was held. "The chess club Nona" second time with absolute result won a champion title of Europe! “Nona” won all 7 matchesю Among competitors there were 3 main Russian teams (one of them was Olympic team!), also Macedonian, Italian, Holland and Belarus teams. Joined the team: Nana Dzagnidze, Bela Khotenashvili, Lela Javakhishvili, Nino Batsiashvili, Miranda Mikadze. Captain Marika Japaridze. The head coach David Jojua, the trainer Khvicha Supatashvili, the head of delegation – Georgi Chanturia.

SAT HOT saitostvis saqartvelos gamarjvebulebi

European Club championship ( Bilbao, Spain) Georgian Club Championship (Ureki)

Saklubo kopie droshit

European Club championship ( Skopje, Macedonia)

"Chess club Nona" every day improves conditions for educational process, without fatigue fight for a raising chess on higher professional level.

Many projects still are waiting for realization.

however results already available!

Undoubtedly, there will be many victories in future.

Author: Marika Japaridze