• Chess roots in Kobuleti deeply consign to the past. For a long time this intellectual sport enjoyed special love and attention. At different times the chess history was created here by chess players Rezo Todria, Vladimir Shevardnadze, Amiran Katamadze, Malkhaz Okropiridze, Tariel Martalishvili, Oleg Karalidze, Eteri Memarne, the brother and the sister Irina and Irakli Mzhavanadze, Gennady Zeynalov, Kakabadze, Efremidi.

    The region and now differs with activity of chess life and sports progress. At kobulety complex sports school, chess is considered as a priority sport for a long time. Since 1991 chess section is instructed by Master of Sports in chess, the head coach of kobulety municipality, since 2004 the member of presidium of Adzharian chess Federation, the deputy director Tengiz Halvashi.
    sopikogogitidze Qobuleti

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    Since 2005 in Kobuleti as the trainer Sofiko Gogitidze (international rating 1773), the numerous winner and the prize-winner of the international tournaments worked. One period Sofiko worked in Paris. She took part in competitions on behalf of the French club "Lutece", and trained in chess at "sainte Maguerite" Pagis 11 school. In Kobuleti she worked till 2012 and after married moved to Rustavi where continues to work as the chess trainer.

  • Since 2007 in sport school brothers Amiran (the candidate for the master) and Tariel Mzhavanadze started working as trainers.

  • Dedicated work of professional coaches gave result, in the region appeared chess players:

  • Amiran Mzhavanadze
  • Ekaterina Tsivadze (the schoolgirl 2 classes of the 2nd high school of Mr. Kobuleti), became the champion of municipality among girls under 7 and 8 years, the champion of Adjara among girls under 7 years, the bronze medal owner of the championship of Georgia of 2013, the participant of the championship of the European cup.

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    Ia Saparidze (the schoolgirl of the 6th class of school No. 1 of Mr. Kobuleti), the champion of municipality among girls under 8, 10 and 12 years, the champion of Adjara and the repeated 2nd prize-winner, the participant of the championships of Georgia and Europe

    Maya Halvashi (now the student of 1 course Politeknikuniversitet of Tbilisi) the 6-fold champion of Kobuleti municipality among schoolgirls, the champion of Adjara and the repeated prize-winner, the systematic participant of the championships of Georgia, the winner of the Batumi festival and the second prize-winner, the participant of the European championship.

    Maia Xalvashi

  • Ekaterine TsivadzeSaparidze Ia
  • Maya Halvashi Ekaterina Tsivadze Ia Saparidze
  • We wish a lot of victories to young chess players of Kobuleti sports school!

    Material was given by Tengiz Halvashi

  • Author: Marika Japaridze