Each success needs the base

In the Keda region chess is popular sport. In settlements and villages appreciate this wise game and transfer to the next generations this love.

At different times enthusiasts cared of development of chess: Diasamidze Givi (from Tskhromisi), Avtandil Makhachadze (from Vaio), Nodar Tedoradze (from Tsoniarisi), Vladimir Kontselidze (from Pirveli Maisi) and others.

In Keda functioned chess sections.

In the 70-th of last century a chess section was directed by Durmishkhan Bolkvadze in the House of pioneers.

In 1998-2012 a chess section was directed by Badri Bolkvadze in the sports school. His pupils successfully fought on different chess tournaments. On the championship of Adjara in various age categories Zaza Sirabidze, Georgy Alikadze, Dato and Roman Diasamidze, Lasha and Erekle Beridze were prize-winners. And in 2011 Tedo Bolkvadze became the champion of Adjara among chess players under 10 years.

In 2006 at school of Merisi the chess section which head was Niaz Nakashidze was created. In spite of the fact that the section existed only 3 years, results were impressive: on the championship of Georgia among girls under 10 years Marika Broladze took the second place.

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Now in Keda region there are two chess sections, under the direction in Pirveli Maisi by Nestan Makhachadze and in Tsoniarisi by Lia Tedoradze.

Since 2009 Nestan Makhachadze gave chess training pupils of secondary school in Pirveli Maisi. For last 4 years little chess players showed good results on various competitions. Especially Tamta Salidze who won on the championship of Adjara among girls under 14 years . And at the International festival "Black Sea Dolphin" she took 3-rd prize-winning place. Success was achieved also by Diana and Tamuna Saladze. It should be noted that in 2010 the secondary school of Pirveli Maisi won the championship of Adjara.

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It is very desirable that in those villages of Keda region (and not only) where love chess and chess traditions are kept, chess sections were created in the near future, highly skilled trainers are involved and providing with chess stock is improved.

And young chess players from there side promise more progress and victories.

Article prepared Makhachadze Nestan.