Chess in Georgia is known for a long time. They enjoy wide popularity everywhere - in big cities, and in the small settlements.

The Shuakhevi region is among where the great attention is paid to chess. For the last decade here the level of training in chess sharply increased. In 2000 the chess section which is directed by Emzar Kekelidze was created. In section more than 30 chess players who systematically participate in school and regional competitions are engaged, and winners continue fight on the championships of Adjara.

In 2003 Emzar Kekelidze presented in Batumi at the lecture given by the chess academy of Garry Kasparov and now is the certified teacher of this academy. that the again emphasizes its professionalism and high the qualification.

The first success to the area was brought by Nino Kekelidze - became the candidate for the master. According to the decision of Department of Education, sport and culture of municipality shuakhevi of Nino it was recognized in 2004 as the first sportswoman of the area. This fact increased interest in this sport even more. Now Nino and itself is engaged in trainer's work together with father. Since 2012 it the certified trainer C-category.

Long-term work of Emzar Kekelidze wasn't in vain, the area has evident results.

Successful chess players of the area:

Keti Kekelidze – the repeated champion of Adjara;

Ali Kekelidze – the repeated champion of the area; repeated prize-winner of the championships of Adjara;

Temur Himshiashvili – the champion of the area;

Irma Kekelidze – the champion of the area, the champion of school.

and other chess players.

Materials was given by Nino Kekelidze.