Chess in the Helvachaury region was always a subject of a great interest, love and attention. Here worked as the trainer Otar Varshalomidze – the certified teacher of academy of Garry Kasparov, the good chess player Kazim Gorgadze. And now honor of the region is protected by young Georgi Jaiani who seizes chess wisdom at the Batumi sports school No. 1 under the leadership of the honor trainer Guram Chanturia. He systematically takes part in regional and national championships.

Here we shall note that several capable young chess players, the pupils of high school of Akhalsopeli: Mariam and Tevdore Gogitidze and Eliso Chavleyshvili are also Guram and Georgy Chanturias pupils.

For a long period in this region there was a very low level of mass character of chess. However joyful fact is that in the region chess traditions come to life.

In 2013 in Central sport school of Makhindzhauri to functioning of the chess section has started under the direction of Nestan Makhachadze.

In our opinion in a few years, we will often hear about progress of chess players from Helvachauri.

Author: Marika Japaridze